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The lids used on the tanks have the following features:
They have double wall to prevent dust entering the tank.

They have square thread for better tightening.

They allow ventilation of the tank and unrestricted output up to 20 Lt/min.

For higher outputs, extra ventilation is required on the tank.

They are aesthetically and ergonomically designed.

They are rotomolded.
Tank Connectors

Male connector ½", ¾", 1", 1¼", 1½", 2", 3" pipe thread:
These connectors have a rubber ring at the inner site to prevent leakage. (Teflon ring available on demand.)

The tightening of the outer nut should not exceed 100 Nm.

Bronze (Plastic available on demand.)
Female connectors ½", ¾" pipe thread:
These are build in connectors and are molded with the plastic powder to ensure adherence on plastic.

They require NO rings inside or nuts outside.

They can withstand tightening torque up to 300 Nm.

They do not extend outside the tank.

They are much more easier to use (Plumbers like them).

They are made of bronze.
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